Who We Are

Bayan Ahlul-Bayt is a non-profit organization, legally issued by the Republic of Lebanon under the Science and News Act No. 972 of the Lebanese Ministry of Interior, which operates as a charity organization promoting our general statement of peace and socio-cultural understanding.
The primary concern of this organization is charity relief towards the impoverished and the concentrated poor, such as orphans and disabled people(s), who require necessary attention from aid organizations.
The organization ambitiously pursues the establishment and administrative management of various institutions deemed imperative to our functional cause.  These include public institutions such as hospitals, middle and secondary schools, centers for research for diverse departments of study, and centers serving the special needs of people, such as rehabilitation programs and aiding those who are poor, disabled, or require humanitarian relief.
It is important to note that the organization does not adhere to or is affiliated with any political party or movement, and it is not cohesive to political partisanship. Instead, the organization is autonomous and not influenced by outside parties in its cause for providing humanitarian relief, which allows its promoters and target group to establish a closer spiritual connection with the Almighty God.
Finally, the organization does not, and will not intend, to interfere with any institution related to political parties and institutions, regardless of their location in the world, and especially those who wrongly promote intellectual and social terrorism, which we unconditionally renounce and condemn. 

Important Notice

The Bayan AhlulBayt Organization has no business or intentions concerning the assembly of any political party or movement, and it does not coincide or collaborate with any political party for charitable and humanitarian work. Furthermore, it does not interfere with matters of political or electoral activities, those of a military character, or other irrelevant institutions of our organization and mission. The organization promotes the spirit of love and tolerance through educational brochures issued to bring the views of all spectrums of society and diverse ways of life together. The organization refuses to be part of any organization of political, military or other institutional cause and chooses to remain independent. It rejects the promotion and expression of ideologies concerned with religious and/or cultural extremism and fundamentalism. 


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